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April 11, 2024 in Health and Research – Behavior

myDSC Webinar Series – Time of Transition: Strategies for Making Transitions Successful

Transitions can be as big as transitioning out of high school or as small as transitioning to a new pair of shoes; but either way they can be a challenge…
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April 8, 2024 in Resources for Professionals

Is Down syndrome a risk factor or contraindication for dental implants? A systematic review

The purpose of this systematic review was to determine the effectiveness of dental implants placed in patients with Down syndrome and whether the condition is a risk factor or contraindication…
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April 8, 2024 in Health and Research – Other

Dentistry & Down Syndrome

Dental care is important for everybody, but people with Down syndrome can have a number of differences that can require special attention.Source: National Down Syndrome Society
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April 8, 2024 in General DS Information, Education/Therapy

Movement Is Key to Supporting Adults with Down Syndrome

Over the past few decades, research and greater awareness has helped adults with Down syndrome — and a well-trained support system — to be more physically active in their daily…
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April 4, 2024 in Resources for Professionals

Integration of ATAC-seq and RNA-seq identifies MX1-mediated AP-1 transcriptional regulation as a therapeutic target for Down syndrome

Growing evidence has suggested that Type I Interferon (I-IFN) plays a potential role in the pathogenesis of Down Syndrome (DS).Source: Guo et al.
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April 4, 2024 in Education/Therapy, Resources for Professionals

How Co-Teaching May Contribute to Inclusion in Mathematics Education: A Systematic Literature Review

This systematic literature review focuses on co-teaching and inclusion in mathematics education. Co-teaching, in which two or more teachers share responsibility for students’ mathematical learning, can cater to students in…
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