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Join Amy Willoughby Bryant, the Director of Nashville’s Office of Conservatorship Management, for an informative and essential webinar on the fiduciary responsibilities of conservators and guardians. In this session, Amy will delve into the Do’s and Don’ts of the role, setting clear expectations for ethical, responsible, and appropriate conduct.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of conservators
  • Recognizing the rights of the respondent
  • Navigating the power dynamics in conservatorship
  • Identifying the potential consequences of abusing conservatorship power

Amy will provide valuable insights and practical advice to help conservators uphold their fiduciary duties effectively, ensuring they act in the best interest of those they are appointed to protect. This webinar is essential for anyone currently serving as a conservator or guardian of a person with Down syndrome, as well as those considering taking on this critical role.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your responsibilities and learn how to perform your duties with integrity and care.

Source: LuMind IDSC Foundation