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myDSC is a comprehensive directory of evidence-based resources and useful tools for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, professionals in the field, and friends! Membership is free and available to anyone with an interest in Down syndrome.

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Free information and resources for the Down syndrome community

Developed to address an unmet need for evidence-based information, myDSC (My Down Syndrome Community) is LuMind IDSC’s digital platform for reliable Down syndrome resources and tools. It is a free membership portal with more than 900 curated resources, customized libraries of information, and special member discounts with external vendors.

Designed by Down syndrome advocates, medical professionals, and moms, myDSC provides “one-stop shopping” for families, caregivers, educators, and others seeking reliable, evidence-based information on a wide variety of Down syndrome-related topics.

Members can also find links to useful digital tools and apps that have been vetted and endorsed by medical and therapeutic experts.

LuMind IDSC produces original content for myDSC in the form of webinars, articles, research guides, in addition to sourcing webinars, presentations, and materials from other partners.

A recently added feature of the program is the establishment of a “Professionals Section,” where scientific and academic papers are catalogued and curated for use by medical professionals who want to boost their knowledge of recent Down syndrome research.